Physiotherapist, National Institute of Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneolclimatology
Rehabilitation and Injury prevention specialist (soccer, basketball, gymnastic, volleyball)
Rehab specialist for patients with different and complex pathology
Prophylactic treatment specialist

Toma Vasilescu has been collaborating with Desmotec since 2017.

He is a physiotherapist who works with the Romanian National Football Team and he has also worked with Olympic Women Artistic Gymnastics National Team.

He is a specialist in using Desmotec Devices and technology, as he completed the Master Training Desmotec Isoinertial Training in 2017.

He is also a lecturer at Physio Manual Therapy Academy, Bucharest (Romania) and an instructor in different fields such as:

  • International Fascia Therapy 
  • Certified Instructor Dynamic Tape – The Biomechanical Tape 
  • Certified IASTM Prime Physioblade Instructor 

He also attended several international courses:

  • McConnell Rigid Tape Course
  • Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy – Lumbar Spine, Manual Concepts, Bucharest (Romania)
  • Mulligan Concept – Lower Quadrant
    Bucharest (Romania)
  •  Dynamic Tape International Meeting – Paris
  •  Excell Sports Performance Conference – Desmotec Master Class
  •  Muligan Concept – Upper & Lower Quadrant
    Bucharest (Romania)
  • Mulligan Concept – Upper Quadrant
  • Dynamic Tape Certificate Instructor, Dynamic Tape, Brusseles (Belgium)
  • 2nd European Dynamic Tape Instructors Meeting
  • Dynamic Tape Certificate
  • Dynamic Tape International in collaboration with Romanian Football Federation,