Our Demo are dedicated to the introduction of DTS method, focusing on benefits and potential uses of this system in different fields of application.
Our Demo can be attended online, at our headquarters, or at one of our Accredited Centers.
For Desmotec, Demo means explaining and exploring different aspects of the DTS method and Desmotec isoinertial systems, by analyzing the following key points:

  • The advantages and plus provided by the eccentric training using our machines, focusing on the strength-speed point, allowing the athlete/patient to reach the point of maximum optimal power during his performance or his therapeutic process
  • Explanation of the different product lines combined with the different tools provided with every device, showing practical exercises in order to show how to use the different devices and tools. Explanation in depth of the software D.Soft accompanied with practical and illustrative examples of tests and exercises.
  • Brief introduction to Desmotec Academy, presenting the Academy members, professional teams, sport associations that use Desmotec devices and support the company in improving its products. Explanation of the important role played by academic research and accredited centers.
  • Eccentric training characteristics
  • Comparison with other methods
  • Main characteristics of training and workouts with Desmotec devices
  • Exploring the different devices accompanied with examples of exercises that could be performed in different fields of application
  • Exploring Desmotec technology (software) and introduction to tests, real time tracking, reports
  • Desmotec Academy and accredited centers


The DTS basic course is available online or it can be attended at our headquarters. It provides a basic understanding of how to use our equipment. It is a first approach to the use of our machines and technology, along with a deepening about our methodology.
It is divided into different modules:

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  • Desmotec Introduction to eccentric training and Desmotec isoinertial system
  1. Introduction to the methodology
  2. Guidelines for using the software (from creating a user profile to saving data on the cloud)
  • First approach to  V.Line and D.Line devices
  1. Managing isoinertial load (execution speed vs different inertias to use)
  2. Using different tools (from the simple handle to more articulated kits)
  • Explaining the different levels of exercises that could be performed on the machines along with various progressions
  1. Exercises and progressions of exercises on different devices


Introduction to DTS methodology applied to real cases in strength and conditioning trainings or courses of treatment, analyzed through its different aspects and levels by our national and international Academy experts. The aim of the webinar is to understand how to insert Desmotec devices and technology in physiotherapy or sport protocols in order to achieve the final goals

  • Use of the DTS method in different fields of application
  • How to integrate DTS method in the Rehab protocol of a particular area
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