Sport Physiotherapist
ACL Rehabilitation, Motor Preferences and Postural Signatures, Running Injuries specialist

Pierre Montes is a French sport Physiotherapist, owner of Kin&Sport – Sport Rehab Clinic. 

He gained great experience in the field working as physiotherapist for different pro teams (soccer, handball, volleyball, ice hockey…) as well as for professional, olympics and national team athletes. He was Head Physiotherapist of the Orleans Masters of Badminton and physiotherapist of the badminton French Championships.

Among several qualifications he got advanced education and training in the following subjects:

  • ACL Rehab and Return to Play 
  • Motor Preferences and Postural Signatures 
  • Isokinetic Evaluation and Rehabilitation 
  • Return to Sport after sport injuries 
  • Manual Therapy 
  • Clinical Posturology 
  • Kinésio Taping 
  • Diagnostic and Treatement of Running Pathologies 
  • Biomécanic and Retraining in Running 
  • Lower Limb Tendinopthies

He also sustained several lectures and workshops around the world, sharing his experience in the field:

Desmotec Isoinertial System in Rehab expérience (France, Italy, Russia, USA) 

  • Rehabilitation after ACL Injury – From the Injury to Return to competition (France) 
  • Return to Sport after ACL Surgery (France) 
  • Motor Preferences in ACL Rehabilitation (France, Russia, USA) 
  • Motor Preferences for training, coaching and physiotherapy in football (France) 
  • Winback Tecartherapy (France, Iran, Qatar)