Strength&Conditioning Coach and Specialist
Personal Trainer

Marco Porta has been collaborating with Desmotec since 2012, as expert in isoinertial training.

He is particularly interested in the Strength & Conditioning, helping athletes and teams to achieve their goals, with an eye to the right balance among strength, speed and posture.

After studying Sport Science at university of Milan and after some year of practice in other facilities Marco started his own facility Filosofit, in 2010. In Filosofit he and his team created a new system to train each person as a unique entity, with a personalized workout based on each single goal of the customer.

  • In 2013 he collaborated with Open Academy of Medicine, in collecting data and studying the relationship with the fasciae and the body bio-impedance.
  • In 2015 he worked for IST Team, in collaboration with Livio Mangoni, as strength&conditioning coach.

During his career he has worked with several professional athletes:

  • Main coach of Andrea Locatelli, Moto 3 Italian Champion and Moto 2 rider
  • Head of performance of the private team of the Olympic alpine skier Petra Vhlova, Giant slalom World Champion (2019).