Specialist in skeletal muscle ultrasound

Jorge Muniz Guerrero is a Spanish physiotherapist, sports reconditioner and osteopath. He is specialized in the field of invasive treatments and skeletal muscle ultrasound.

Since 2007 he has taken on the role of director of the Fisiowork center, of which he is also co-founder. He usually treats and works with with high-level sportsmen.

He obtained the following specializations:

  • Osteopath at the Madrid School of Osteopathy
  • Specialization in Percutaneous Electrolysis and skeletal muscle Ultrasound at MVClinic

He also attended to numerous courses:

  • Mapping Training System Course
  • Mesotherapy course in the skeletal muscle system (MVClinic)
  • Orthomolecular nutrition course
  • III Theoretical-practical monographic course, foundation and methodology of eccentric work.
  • IV Physical activity and health course. Musculoskeletal Injuries in Sport (UCM)