Petra Vlhová  is a professional Slovak World Cup alpine ski racer who is specialised in the technical events of slalom and giant slalom. She is the current world champion in giant slalom.


In the video below, She is performing an exercise where she has to push with one arm, preventing the rotation of the trunk, through an activation of the core. She also performs small extension of her legs to maximise her power during this movement.

During the repetitions, she  holds the handle in her hands in order to involve the core and maximise power tranfert.


This exercise is only a small piece of Petra’s personalized training programme. The final goal of this exercise is to maximise her performances in skiing.
The choice of using Desmotec V.Sport is mainly based on th compact design of the machine which allow the athletes and the trainer to transport it where they need it, providing the opportunity to train anywhere. In addition, the device is ideal for this kind of training, as it allow the athlete to develop high power and high velocity in a safe manner.

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