Hamstrings Tendinopathy


In the specific case of a patient (runner) affected by insertional left hamstring pain with tendinopathy, the Desmotec devices allowed the introduction of analytical and global exercises since the first stages of the rehab process.


In the first months, the main goal was to remove any form of pain at rest and during the deambulation phase. Then, some specific exercises focused on contraction along with the isometric phase were introduced, using D and V devices. The patient started a cycle of three training sessions per week, using Desmotec devices and alternating these sessions with running trainings. After the first two weeks, the patient then started a macro-cycle of 24 sessions focused on strength-work, one and two legs squats, using the D device, in order to improve the patient’s strength in the lower limbs, along with mono-articular exercises of pull from prone and standing position, aimed at improving selective strength, using V device.


Desmotec machines allowed the continuation of the different phases regarding the rehab protocol previously studied, also giving the possibility to compare the patient’s improvements in increasing his strength and power.

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