Arm Pushing for core activation using Desmotec V.Sport - Petra Vlhova


Petra Vlhová  is a professional Slovak World Cup alpine ski racer who is specialised in the technical events of slalom and giant slalom. She is the current world champion in giant slalom.


In the video below, She is performing an exercise where she has to push with one arm, preventing the rotation of the trunk, through an activation of the core. She also performs small extension of her legs to maximise her power during this movement.

During the repetitions, she  holds the handle in her hands in order to involve the core and maximise power tranfert.


This exercise is only a small piece of Petra’s personalized training programme. The final goal of this exercise is to maximise her performances in skiing.
The choice of using Desmotec V.Sport is mainly based on th compact design of the machine which allow the athletes and the trainer to transport it where they need it, providing the opportunity to train anywhere. In addition, the device is ideal for this kind of training, as it allow the athlete to develop high power and high velocity in a safe manner.

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Sharing my experience with Petra Vlhova and Desmotec


Who is Petra Vhlova?

  • Alpine skiing athlete (giant – slalom)
  • Born June 13th , 1995
  • 2012-2013 world cup debut
  • 4 medals at the World Xhampionships:

– 1 gold (GS 2019)

– 2 silvers (1 AC 2019)

– 1 bronze (SL 2019)

  • Season 2019:

– 2nd overall

– 2nd slalom

– 2nd giant



Gender Female
Age 24
Job Skier

Skier – Competitive Level




  • Season started on April 9th ​​2018 with a technical camp
  • Season ended on March 22, 2019 with material tests


  • In the first phase of “dry” conditioning, free weights and free-body exercises were used.
  • In the second conditioning phase, Desmotec was introduced to support work with overloads / free body. In this phase inertias were used to stimulate a greater acceleration and deceleration component.
  • In the third phase, that of approaching the races, the number of inertias was reduced to work more on the speed of the movements. Desmotec played a central role during the competitive period. The inertias were modulated according to the requests. Often it was also used as a neuromuscular “activation” the day before or the day of a competition.



Device D-Line
Test Max Power Test
Disk 1M + 1L
Sets 1
Repetitions 12





  • During the season body composition data were collected by bioimpedentiometer (Akern / RJL 101)
  • Jumping test, squat jump and countermovement jump, via chronojump platform
  • Power test on 12 repetitions with 1 large disk and 1 medium disk with DLine Desmotec






Extensive work during summer retreats  (in the glacier so no gym)

After warm up:

  1. SQUAT (1L+1M) 2 sets x 45’’. Rest 3’
  2. LATERAL SQUAT (1L+1M) 2 sets x 40’’. Rest 3’
  3. SPLIT SQUAT (1L+1M) 1 x 45’’. Rest 2’30’’
  4. V-SHAPE (1L+1M) 1 x 40’’. Rest 2’30’’
  5. At the end do core exercises


  • Drop jump (fall from 40cm) with barbell (20-30% of bodyweight) + Immediately jump one hurdle of 70 cm repeat 4 times x 4 sets (rest is free)
  • 6 Obstacles jumps in plyometric way (70 cm) x 4 sets (rest is free)
  • Squat with Desmotec for 30’’ (2 large disc) x 3 sets
  • Lateral Squat with desmotec (2 large disc) x 6 each leg x 4 sets
  • Step up explosive x 6 each x 4 sets – with dumbbells
  • Norwegian hamstring x4 with 5” hold at maximal position x 3 sets
  • Sled Pushing 15 meters with high load S.S Sled Pushing 15 meters lower load (increase speed) – 3 sets
  • Side steps resisted with elastic band 3 x 10 meters (or with sled)
  • SLDL with KB x6 each side – 4 sets
  • Slide board or skates or 30” jumps x 6 times

After warm up (15’ with mobilization /foam rolling and correctives)

  • Squat with Desmotec with: V – Shape with 30’’ of work – Rest 30’’ – 1 PROdisc. Try to keep same rhythm. Repeat 3 sets.
  • Between each set add 5 meters of pre-athletics movements
  • Lateral squat with Desmotec 3 x 20’’ with each leg rest 30’’ between each leg. 1 PRO disc. Try to keep same rhythm . Between each set add 5 meters of pre.-athletics movements
  • Rowing with Desmotec 3 x 15 with 1 Large and 1 medium disc. Rest between sets 60’’
  • Split squat with Desmotec 3 x 15’’ with 1 large disc + 1 medium. Rest 60’’
  • Plank reach 3 x 40’’
  • Side plank dynamic on knees 3 x 20 dx,sx
  • Sprint training 4 x 10+10 mt completed in 6-8’’ rest 1’10’’
  • Stretching


  • Mobilization routine (pre-race)
  • Squat(1L) 2 sets x 15’’. Rest 1’15’’
  • Lateral Squat (1L) 2 sets x 15’’ L+R. Rest 1’15’’
  • Split squat (1L) 1 x 15’’. Rest 1’15’’
  • V-Shape (1L) 1 x 15’’. Rest 1’15’’
  • At the end: Movement routine

Would you like to know more about DESMOTEC technology, devices and training methods?