DESMOTEC is a leading company in the isoinertial training and physical conditioning industry. With headquarters in Northern Italy, Desmotec’s isoinertial system has been developed in collaboration with world renowned coaches, PRO-athletes, and the athletic therapy & training programs of various universities.

We serve national sports federations, top level clubs and athletes, operating worldwide in a variety of sports disciplines, such as: Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Skiing, Tennis, Volleyball, Fencing, Rugby, Track & Field, and American Football.

Our technology and process promote the stimulation of muscle fibers in areas that most commonly suffer from damage. This allows direct reinforcement of weak links in athletic movements and it is also highly effective in the rehabilitation process.

DESMOTEC’s proprietary software provides users with complete control over the training session via a personalized, progressive, safe and fully monitored training path. This is ideal for professional athletes and all active sports enthusiasts who wish to enhance physical performance, increase muscle power, and achieve holistic wellbeing goals.

In isoinertial training work originated from the user's concentric phase is transformed into kinetic energy, latterly rebounded and dissipated in the eccentric phase directly proportional to the user's concentric phase acceleration. This results in a broader motor unit recruitment compared to traditional isotonic training methods, promoting faster recovery and enhancing muscle conditioning.

Initial long duration space flight experiences in the late '80s brought up new concerns in terms of preserving muscular efficiency and curbing hypotrophy and skeletal pathologies such as Spaceflight Osteoporosis, Osteopenia (Bone Loss) and consequent increased values of serum calcium, all related to lower stress levels acting on bone segments due to antigravity conditions. Studies undertaken in the field lead to ground-breaking solutions that became accessible to the physical conditioning field creating new approaches in terms of injury rehabilitation and prevention. The system was simple but smartly made up of a shaft and a belt which, attached to the astronaut's waist at one end and initially wrapped around the shaft at the other, could spin the shaft transforming the astronaut's movement in a rotation of the shaft itself.

In the sports environment and especially at high levels, specific eccentric strength training is mandatory in order to:

• have the ability to generate higher forces, compared to traditional training methods

• achieve a higher mechanical efficiency compared to energy consumption

• obtain a unique neuromuscular activation requiring lower CNS effort

• stimulate specific micro adaptations, reconstructing damaged muscle tissue

Any relative movement between two bone segments derives from two basic muscle actions: concentric phase, in which muscle fibers contract; eccentric phase in which muscle fibers lengthen. Using a shaft and set of strings which, attached to a harness at the user’s waist at one end and initially wrapped around the shaft at the other, DESMOTEC'S D.11 allows the user's kinetic energy to be transformed in a rotation of the shaft itself. By means of a flywheel, the power produced in concentric phase is mechanically stored imposing the belt to recoil around the shaft dragging the user downward and emphasizing eccentric phase. As in spaceflight conditions, no gravitational force is required for the D.11 to operate.

Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation

Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation

During the eccentric work, are affected a smaller number of motor units, with greater stress than the contractions of the muscle fibers concentric.

Sport and athletic training

Sport and athletic training

Desmotec offers new generation machines that use eccentric training and promote competitive athletic performance.